The Beginning

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I graduated with a Computer Science degree and worked in Silicon Valley as a developer for 2 years. I then co-founded an AgTech company in Salinas, Ca and was there for 2 years. I left shortly after my mom passed. 

I moved back in with my family in Merced, Ca to explore and find what I was truly passionate about. I tried everything from selling fruit, to selling clothing online, to selling local honey from our apiary.

After about a year of moving back home my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. It has metastasized to his liver.  The outlook was bleak and we were told that there was no cure and we could only hope to prolong his life by 8 months with chemo.

We looked for alternative solutions and natural medicines. Everything seemed to point to medical cannabis.  We started him off on RSO oil and tinctures to help with the side effects of the chemo.  To make it a more pleasant experience, I decided to mix the oil with the raw honey from our apiary. My dad has a big sweet tooth so I thought he would enjoy it more than taking the straight cannabis oil. 

After researching and reading more about the benefits of cannabis(and the very few side effects compared to pharmaceuticals and chemo), I decided I wanted to make quality cannabis-infused products.  People that are new to cannabis have so many questions about quality and dosage. I hope my products can help be that standard for new comers and long-time cannabis supporters.

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