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Our honeycomb comes in partnership with a farm in Madera, California. The bees on this farm collect pollen and nectar from nearby orange blossoms. If you have a sweet tooth, this treat is for you ! 

16oz in a 4" x 4" container

1. Whole:

The complete honeycomb is edible (including the wax)! The wax contains healthy fatty acids that may contribute to lower cholesterol levels. You can also spit the wax out as you might do with the seeds of a pomegranate.

2. Sections:

A piece of honeycomb can be sliced off and spread as one would do with butter.

However you decide to consume your honeycomb, we know you will enjoy!

Raw Honey, Beeswax, propolis, may contain pollen The raw honey is high in protein and rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants. 

happy honeycomb

Fun Fact: The caffeine in orange and citrus plants refreshes the bee's memory and improves the chance of it revisiting the same type of blossom again.

Our Process

We only harvest honey when it is necessary and beneficial to our hives. If there is excess honey, we are able to remove a honey frame or two from our hives.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes! Honeycomb is 100% completely edible (and delicious!).

Honeycomb is delicious on its own but it can be paired with anything! Pair it with chocolate, toast, or even cheese!

No, neither honey nor honeycomb expire as long as it is stored properly. It should be stored at room temperature in a sealed container or jar. Alternatively, you can freeze honeycomb if you’re not planning on munching on it right away!

It depends. Most vegans would say no, because (although we, at Happy Organics, sustainably harvest it) honeycomb is still considered an animal product.

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