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Our flower pollen is nature's multivitamin, specially produced by our honeybees to help support you and your immune system. 

Our pollen is 100% edible. Bee pollen has anti-inflammatory benefits and delivers protein and Vitamin B to nourish and support your body.

80g jar

Sprinkle on your smoothie, toast, or oatmeal.

100% bee pollen.


flower pollen

Fun Fact: Bees are super pollinators and bring in pollen from a variety of flowers. In order for bees to create life they need to collect a large amount of pollen and nectar during springtime. Nectar is their source of carbohydrates and pollen is their source of protein. Bees pack their pollen on their legs and bring it home, mixing it with honey to create a fermented bee bread for their young.

Our Process

We only collect a handful of pollen from our hives as to not disrupt the life cycle of our bees.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Bee pollen is the flower pollen that usually collects on the legs and bodies of bees. It may also contain nectar and bee saliva.

Bee pollen can be used as a dietary supplement. It can help the immune system. If applied directly to the skin, it may also help speed healing.

taste can vary slightly for every individual but it generally tastes sweet and flowery and maybe a bit bitter.

No, we do not recommend you take bee pollen if you are allergic to bees. It may cause a serious allergic reaction.

We collect the pollen by using something called a pollen trap at the entrance of a hive. The pollen trap gently scrapes off the pollen from the feet of the bees when it enters the hive. The health of our bees is our top priority so we only use this in moderation.

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