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Our hand-dipped small batch taper candles consist of 100% pure beeswax made from the honey our bees consume. 

Burn Time: 6 hours each taper.

Includes Two 6-inch Beeswax Tapers.

  1. Light with a match or lighter 
  2. Reuse until the candle reaches the end of the wick
  3. Any remaining wax can be used to make a balm or polish.

Beeswax, cotton wick.



Burning our candles are especially good for those with asthma or allergies as they release negative ions that clear toxins, dust, and dander from the air.


Each candle is made by carefully hand-dipping a cotton wick 30 times in a pot of melted beeswax which is harvested on our farm. We are proud to offer you these hand-crafted and sustainable candles for any occasion, made with love by a beekeeper.


Frequently Asked Questions?

It depends on the candle. Our birthday candles can be reused multiple times! Our beeswax votive candles typically burn for 10-12 hours and our taper candles can burn for about 6 hours, so the bigger the candle the longer the burn!

No! They never, ever expire! they may get frosted (a slight white film to them) but that’s totally fine! You can either polish them off or leave them as is and burn them.

Beeswax is a natural wax made by young honeybees. They create this beeswax by secreting it from eight wax-producing glands on their abdomen. It comes out in thin sheets called scales. It is definitely one of nature’s many marvels!

No! They are the only candle that is 100% non-toxic and they can actually help purify and clean the air around them.

Our beeswax comes from our apiary in Merced, our uncle’s apiary in Salinas, and other apiaries we partner with in California.

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