• cruelty free product
  • handmade with love by a beekeeper in California

From hive to candle: our beeswax candles are inspired by 3 generations in beekeeping and our family's legacy in agriculture.

  • Love this product

    This product works for all my aches and pains. I rub it on my temples at night for a restful nights sleep. Highly recommend.
    - Patricia

  • The best honey

    I am a believer in ritual work and this is a huge part of it for me. Nightly, I brew my chamomile and add my honey, it is such an intentional practice and so soothing. It is so lovely.

    - Ashley Ozuna

  • Great business!

    Great business! My husband loves the cbd honey!

    -Frances Williams

  • mom’s favorite

    This is my mom’s favorite or should I say only salve. My mom is in her 70s and very active. She rarely admits to anything hurting her but recently her shoulder started bothering her. We discovered Sana and loves it.

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A Legacy of Love for Bees & Nature

Our rich heritage, which began with our grandfather's passion for beekeeping in Michoacán, Mexico, now blooms in the Golden State, where we continue to nurture our bees and harvest nature's finest gifts. Sharing love for Madre Earth.

Discover the pure goodness of our farm-fresh, raw honey, handcrafted beeswax candles - lovingly produced by our family of 3rd generation beekeepers in the heart of Merced, California.

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