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Free shipping on orders of $100 or more
Free shipping on orders of $100 or more

100% beeswax candles

handmade from 100% sustainably harvested beeswax from our very own hives. Our beeswax candles subtly smell of sweet honey and emit a beautiful, bright glow that is sure to soothe all your senses.
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handmade with love by a beekeeper in California

by a beekeeper in

Merced, California

cruelty free product

no bees are harmed in the making of our products

sustainably harvested honey and cbd  product

pesticide free and carefully harvested by our beekeepers

third party tested product

tried and tested for

maxiumum enjoyment

from our farm to your home

Happy Bundles

Bundle and save with our specially curated picks. Choose the perfect bundle for your needs and get ready for a box full of happy!
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small batch honey

handmade with love by our bees and beekeepers in merced, ca. we harvest a variety of honey and hemp-derived products that are sweet, sustainable, and sure to make you smile.
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No harsh chemicals. 100% happy.

our honey is 100% sustainably sourced. we only harvest honey when it is necessary and beneficial to our hives.
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Happy honey

Sana Sana, Colita De Rana

our go-to, all natural pain relief filled with natural ingredients designed for congestion relief, arthritic pain, stuffy noses, insect-bite itches, and more.
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Happy Bees, Happy honey, happy you

For ages raw honey has been viewed as one of the most natural forms of pain-relief all while maintaining its beauty and sweetness.
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the latest at our apiary...

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helping our honey bees one blanket at a time

Blankets for Bees!

In the wild, bees typically build their hives in tree trunks which naturally provides insulation and keeps the temperature from fluctuating too drastically. Bee blankets essentially do the same thing and can be used year-round in order to keep the hive from either getting too cold or too hot. One of our goals this year is to make 40 bee blankets, so every purchase you make will directly help our beautiful bees keep their hives nice and cozy!
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